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And we’re back… February 13, 2012

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Almost one year later from my last post… I’ve decided that Rihanna looks too hot at the Grammy’s this year to go unposted.

Here we are ladies a gents. (I say gents – because I know some of you dudes are googling “Rihanna + hot dress at grammy’s” Just so you know… it’s Armani.

RiRi in Armani

Proud of you Ri. Kept it hot and tasteful at the same time.

I see that I’ve still been getting lots of views in the past year even though I haven’t been posting… so let’s try to renourish this blog with photos and write ups about my indefinite inspirations!

Much love oxo


I bump the status February 20, 2011

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I’ve been a Girl Talk fan for a while now, and last time they were in Montreal for Osheaga, I compromised the wacky Girl Talk show for a fireworks filled performance by Coldplay.

March 1st will be the day that Girl Talk returns to Montreal. I just bought my tickets… and I am very INCREDIBLY excited! I was just pumping myself up for the show, when I came across this music video, which was actually created by a Concordia Communications professor and his class. It’s an awesome vid (with 1.5 million hits!), take a look!


You know my motivation given my reputation January 20, 2011

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So, big girls night saturday night. It somehow happened that all 18 of us girls congregating happened to be single… so what more reason is there to party!

Not only are we going out, but we are going big.

I should have potentially come up with a post that would inspire the evening’s outfit… however, I instead came across this music video and thought I would get the party started. It’s proof that today’s television rating standards are far more racy than ever before. Enrique, Enrique, Enrique…this video shouldn’t be considered to air on daytime television… it should, however, be considered as soft core porn [I hope I don’t mislead any web surfers for including those google adwords in this post].

Anyways – this is a hot song. If you listen to Virgin Radio, you’re sure to have already heard it more than you can stand. I thought I would get the ball rolling on this weekend’s party countdown, so watch the vid and buy the song on iTunes.

Happy Weekend everyone!



What’s my name November 14, 2010

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I thought about leaving this post blank and only embedding this new video by Rihanna and Drake…. but I thought I would mention that Rihanna’s fire engine locks and Drake’s uncontrollable swag are a match made in heaven in this vid.

Love the song, love Rihanna’s mix’n’match getup, and love these 2 together.


I Remember Shelter November 9, 2010

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I love the original mix to “I remember”… but here is an update I just heard on hype machine.. posted by Chubby Beavers . This is the link for the song.. GO LISTEN!


Hot-n-not-so-Fun July 10, 2010

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First of all, as a Canadian, I want to say that this extreme heat is pretty much horrifying. Most of us just don’t know how to cope with this lung numbing humidity. I have to admit I was tremendously relieved about yesterday’s torrential downpours.. despite flooding in TMR and the Decarie expressway. I’ve had no choice but to wear one article of clothing on each day – whether it be a jumpsuit or a flowy dress. This heat is just too unbearable to be wearing anything extra. Even a bra is pushing it at this point! This weekend’s forecast says the humidity will take it down a notch. Hallelujah!

Here are some survival tips:

1) A raspberry mojito pitcher: follow this recipe and add some cucumbers for some extra refreshment!

2) A flowy dress.. my I’m salivating over this

Missoni Ecuador Kimono Mini Dress. Net-a-porter. $940. (I know, a little steep)

For a cheaper alternative – This ZARA dress will do the job. I would opt for a pattern since it’s way too hot to accessorize.

You can never go wrong with Florals, and this ZARA number is markdown to $49.99.

3) This song just makes me feel on fire. In a good way. Not only is it N.E.R.D.’s new single, but it’s appropriately called “HOT-n-FUN“. The styling is hilariously appealing (not to mention it reminds me a FABULOUSLY styled “Your love is my drug” by Ke$ha), and who doesn’t love the sexual frontman, Mr. Pharell himself. BONUS: It features our canadian homegirl, the lovely and talented Nelly Furtado. Watch this video 🙂


Back and Running June 10, 2010

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Freaked out a little earlier this week cuz my blog layout was totally discombobulated and wacky. Thanks to the wordpress support team, everything is all sorted out.

I’m a little strapped for time to post something today.. but I wanted to at least share my favorite song at the moment. Enjoy! All I Ever Wanted – MASE ft. Mya