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Bling and Things March 19, 2011

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“Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of having a wardrobe that’s versatile. For instance, a strong piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant.”

–            Giorgio Armani 

Bang on. Of course, we all have those fashion pieces that we truly adore. The big beads, the colorful charms, the stones and the chains.. we make up our best outfits using some key pieces.

But we never forget our classic pieces. Usually, they are our pieces of jewelery that our most important to us. They have sentimental value, and have belonged to us for so long, that they are almost a part of us. Some have stories, some remind us of special people, and some are just to pretty to not wear every day. I never see Kaylee Pare without her signature rings, or Ariela Moyal without her Tiffany’s key. Some things just become part of our everyday style, where we feel naked without them. Here is a post on my favorite and most important pieces : )


My Nonna gave these to me not long ago. Although they are not part of my everyday get-up, they are some of my favorite earrings.

My trademark elephant ring. Not many days go by where I don't look down at my typing fingers without seeing this on one of them. A gift from my first communion that I will most definitely never part without! The second ring was my late grandmothers gift to my mama, and has now been passed down to me. It has 7 rings which represent the 7 days of the week (or my 7 besties if we want to update the meaning) and is connected by a dangling heart. I don't usually wear one of these 2 rings without the other one.

The first necklace which has the charms of a cross, an anchor, and a heart represent the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity/love respectively. I believe I've had this charm since my baptism at a few months old. The amethyst charm was also my mother's. On the right is my fendi charm that I bought on my trip to Florence a couple of summers ago. It has my initial on it.

Lastly, my Citizens of Hope bracelet that my bestie Kaylee Pare got me this past Christmas as my Secret Santa gift. I've been wearing it with my gold link bracelet, which also dates back to my Holy first communion and confirmation days. #ohtobeitalian. This one also has a little heart pendent on the clasp.

What jewelry do you wear every day?


One Response to “Bling and Things”

  1. Kaylee Says:

    Cutie patootie!! 🙂
    Your jewels are beautiful, and it’s true I feel naked without my rings.
    And I’d be lying if I said my accessories aren’t one of the most important parts of my wardrobe!

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