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You know my motivation given my reputation January 20, 2011

Filed under: Music — salvo.sabrina @ 10:17 pm

So, big girls night saturday night. It somehow happened that all 18 of us girls congregating happened to be single… so what more reason is there to party!

Not only are we going out, but we are going big.

I should have potentially come up with a post that would inspire the evening’s outfit… however, I instead came across this music video and thought I would get the party started. It’s proof that today’s television rating standards are far more racy than ever before. Enrique, Enrique, Enrique…this video shouldn’t be considered to air on daytime television… it should, however, be considered as soft core porn [I hope I don’t mislead any web surfers for including those google adwords in this post].

Anyways – this is a hot song. If you listen to Virgin Radio, you’re sure to have already heard it more than you can stand. I thought I would get the ball rolling on this weekend’s party countdown, so watch the vid and buy the song on iTunes.

Happy Weekend everyone!



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